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Essential worker of the day: Pascal Burton

Help us celebrate the frontline and essential workers continuing to serve our community through COVID-19
2020-05-10 Pascal Dufresne
Paramedic Pascal Burton is the essential worker of the day. Supplied photo

Julie Dufresne is recognizing her fiance, Pascal Burton.

"Pascal is a paramedic for the Cochrane District EMS. I would like to thank him and other frontline workers who are working hard everyday to keep this community safe. Pascal is passionate about his work; he is a very caring and loving individual. Those who know Pascal would strongly agree that he would say anything just to make you laugh and/or smile and I think during a time like this a little bit of humor and positivity is needed. Pascal is not only keeping this community safe, but he also takes precautionary measures to keep his family safe. He will change out of his uniform and shower at base before coming home to avoid the potential risks of bringing the virus home. I am so lucky to have Pascal in my life. I believe he deserves the biggest recognition today while he is out there fighting for this community.

I am so proud of you Pascal, I love you so much. See you when you get home!

Love, Julie."

Thanks for helping TimminsToday recognize local essential workers. Due to the number of submissions, we are not accepting new nominations at this time. We still want to hear from you! If you know of amazing people who are doing random acts of kindness or finding unique ways to contribute to the community, let us know by emailing