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Wine all the time

Sonoma Impressions

This past fall, I was able to spend time in Sonoma, California and, yes, I tasted wine. There are lots of memories, but a few stand out.

The world of Lozova Rakjia

I have just turned to a new page – though a very old one – in the realm of distilled spirits, one on which is written the name of a drink that has been crafted and enjoyed for hundreds of years in the Balkans, Lozovo Rakija .

Cellar work

Every harvest, wineries all over the world put out calls for people to assist in the heavy load of work that comes with bringing in the grapes and processing them into wine.

Another brick in the wall

Recently, Colio Estate Wines, which has a kiosk in Pino’s Supermarket on Trunk Road, introduced their new “ Bricklayer’s ” line of wines.

The whites

Last column, I wrote about the red wines available in the “Vintages Essential” collection at the Bay Street store in the Station Mall, and so this week it is time to check out the whites; of course, the Great Northern Road store will have

Down by the bay

I have to admit, there’s a little bit of madness involved in the pursuit of wine, and it is certainly an indication of our affluence as a society that we can indulge ourselves in the hunt for better and better wines, often at higher and higher


Last column we took a look at the famous grapes from France, grapes that are now known and grown everywhere; aside from Germany’s Riesling, it is France’s grapes that dominate the world of wine.


One might presume that when we are writing about wine that ‘grapes’ would be a given, but a conversation last week with a person new to wine prompted me to reconsider, and to take a little time to write about the grapes that make the wine

Picking and choosing

Picking and Choosing Earlier this week, I read an on-line article in the Wine Spectator by noted writer, Matt Kramer, who identified the characteristic that best described the kinds of wines he sought out for his cellar as “particularity”

Calling all Cupids!

Next Friday is Valentine’s Day, and of course, along with chocolates and flowers, wine can play a prominent part in the celebrations.