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Wine all the time

Hybrids... And Baco Noir

Hybrids... And Baco Noir

This week, Vin Greco explores some interesting and unusual wines made from hybrid grapes and gives us a preview of just a few of the many varieties of wines that will be available for the coming holiday season.

Weekend wine Cider

When Julius Caesar invaded Britain, one of the fruits of his victory was cider, and indications are that throughout the world, cider has been around, like wine and beer, for thousands of years.

Weekend wine Rioja

Spain produces many top-rate wines in many styles and many regions, but the wine most readily associated with that nation is Rioja (Ree-O-Ha).

Weekend wine Niagara, China, Wine and... beer

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Lailey Vijneyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake had been sold to Chinese interests.

What a Crime!

The wine world is no stranger to crime, whether; it be fraud, larceny, or major vandalism.

News and Observations

This past Canada Day I visited Union Jack Brewery on Queen near Gore Street for their Grand Opening. At the moment, you can only purchase their beer in “Growlers” –that is, dark, half-gallon glass jugs.

A Swell Party

Last weekend’s ‘Saultlicious’ was a great success, thanks to a considerable effort on the part of the organizing committee led by Mary Ledlow ofVinnaissance, the participation of many volunteers, and delicious food and fine wine pro

Summer Sipping

Summer. Believe it or not, it looks like the weather is finally accepting that, yes, Virginia, there is a summer, and now we can contentedly contemplate what to enjoy when we are relaxing on our patios and decks.


With wine, finding a couple worth comparing is as easy as falling off a log…as long as you don’t spill, I guess. With the May 16 and 30 Vintages releases there are many interesting possibilities that invite our exploration.

First Families

“I think we’ve met before…D’Artagnan?” Etienne Hugel liked my mustache. I like his wines. Last month I attended the Primum Familiae Vini wine tasting in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum.