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The Other Side

Ed Belliard: A furrowed brow and a robust physique

Heroes surface from unlikely places. That is the case for Helena Stewart. Growing up, she would have been the last to consider herself as worthy of praise or recognition. Helena was plain in every sense.

Ed Belliard: Excelsior!

It bears repeating: attending Toronto’s annual Fan Expo is not for the faint-hearted. Au contraire, I would more accurately characterize it as a trial; a test in determination or tribulation, whichever way you land in the piece of the action.

The purest energy experienced by mankind

Recently, I listened to a heart-warming solo rendition of Amazing Grace. The song instantly resonated deep within me, igniting that spark of … the purest energy experienced by mankind.

Who is your guru?

“Who’s you guru?” a gifted female student posed to him. Fernando Phoenix, alias Wordsmith, had answered too soon: “My Guru dwells within me.

The quilt as metaphor for life

A quilt is a curious creation. It begins its life as a thought. An image is formed; a pattern is devised; a plan is invented. The quilter maps out how it will all come together.

Warriors Among Us

A universal theme in the realm of literature and entertainment always includes the creation of a memorable character. You want to incite the reader; you want to incite the crowd.

Choose Forgiveness

Along life’s journey, we encounter shady, if not sinister, characters. They are the type of people who are quick to judge or impose their will upon others.

The Nature of Illusions

In plain sight, in plain view, a baby’s emerges from his mother’s womb. The miracle of birth reveals itself. It is an awesome sight, unlike anything else experienced before. The mother’s soul connects, warmly, with her newborn.


“Wordsmith, how do you do it?” “Do what?” “Speak so little, but teach so much.” “Each word is a choice, you see. The words I speak are offerings. They are offerings to the listener, but also to the universe.