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The Other Side

<b>Belliard:</b> Shape shifting

Belliard: Shape shifting

The heart knows, intuitively, what the body requires and all too frequently it is the wholly liberating expression of soulful activities or connections with the natural world.
<b>Belliard:</b> Do we have connections that span beyond earth and our galaxy?

Belliard: Do we have connections that span beyond earth and our galaxy?

Where do we presently fit into the interplanetary map and plans? Is there a deity who oversees everything? These are all questions that the galactic beings have explored and arrived at rather complex conclusions.

Ed Belliard: The tie that binds W.C. Fields, Bill Gates and Jimi Hendrix

“All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances,” said William Shakespeare.

Ed Belliard: An age of timelessness and time-warping

No time is better than now, today, for submitting to transformation. In this day and age, life and change is as fast-paced as ever. Thoughts arise, are considered only fleetingly, decided upon, and a course of action follows in a flash.

Ed Belliard: Within our maze

The Webster’s dictionary (1990) defines a maze as “a confusing, intricate network of pathways”. Life, it can be said, is very much the same.

Ed Belliard: Constructs

Be warned, the following is far-reaching, but not so far-fetched, in this writer’s mind. Life is as life does. From our thoughts, as chaotic and chatty as they can be, ideas form. If we are attuned and receptive, the flow is smooth.

Ed Belliard: Words. Context. Freedom

Words are agreed upon sounds and assembled symbols — that’s their origin. They reveal impressions, forms of expressions, and characters.

Ed Belliard: Seize those precious moments

Distractions abound, December can be a wonderful time of the year. It can and does usher in many opportunities for sharing and caring. We gather, we reminisce, we laugh, we criticize, and we cry. What is more, we are joined, united if only briefly.

The Dove and the Flash

Only once a year the gathering took place. The date was invariably January the 26 th . Present, en masse, were collegians of every subject, faculty, security guards, and the odd sneak-ins.

Ed Belliard: Ask away

In your search for clarity, the ultimate truths, and sacred knowledge, speak up. Request clarification; refine your questions. Discernment is our gift from the Divine source.