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The Other Side: Mendacities

What happens when the riddler becomes the riddle?

It should be said that one of the finest skills to acquire in this new millennium is detecting lies.

In fact, it may well turn out to be a survival skill. Lies, untruths, deceptions, dishonesty and the like run rampant as ever.

It appears as though some elitists have decided to initiate a psychological battle with the everyday person.  A likely intent may be to generate fear, anxiety, disbelief, worry, division, discord, pain, and suffering. If one is in a perpetual state of confusion, how then can unity and coordinated actions materialize?

Leave them mentally strained and it leaves them weakened or paralyzed. Should their inner resources be tapped to maximum levels, each one cannot think straight, cannot strategize, cannot cope. 

Left unchecked, entire communities and nations can clash and suffer tremendously from daily mendacities directed their way. The riddler becomes the riddle and the truth is lost in translation. 

Open rebellions are emerging everywhere these days. More than ever, people are stepping up to express their dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Sometimes what they need are rude awakenings for them to implement private changes and civil disobedience. Sometimes, losing their liberties ignites their inner flames. Some people require heavy-handed prodding to get their attention. Contrarily, decisive individuals know how to navigate their way through the sludge of daily mendacities.

If anything, they distance themselves from mainstream media. Or, conversely, they become extremely selective of where they insource information. Much of the communications acquired by the everyday person is deemed irrelevant and even distraction-oriented for the decisive individual.

Simply put, a clear mind and heart promotes wellness and a sound sense of discernment. How can one possibly tap into his or her intuition and authentic, divine self if one is distracted at all times? It’s evidently improbable.

When people feel sufficiently oppressed, they’ll respond.

It’s inevitable.

When pollution in various presentations overwhelms the biological and spiritual senses, a quickening will occur. Here, too, desperate measures will surface.

Those senses know when homeostasis is affected. The matters and values that are most revered, including personal liberties, health, wealth, environmental concerns, social problems and more, are worthy of protection and consideration.

They should never fall to the wayside for any reason whatsoever, especially when the current realities slant towards the richest gaining added affluence and power.

A reversal of fortunes may be in the works, but it will take time, for there is much resistance on both sides.

A united front, maybe on a global scale, could be needed.

Perhaps, it is high time that individuals reflect upon the past decades and chose a better world, a cleaner environment, a consciousness that is unified.

That is the direction of unity.

From a bird’s eye view, homing in on where to direct one’s energies and resources should be in the plans.

From a higher post, choosing to correct, to balance, to enlighten, and to cleanse what lies below should be an ultimate goal.