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Remember This?

Remember This? Town hall

From the Timmins Museum: ************************* A view oif the new Timmins Town hall, 1939, located on Algonquin blvd. The Fire Hall’s tower can be seen at the left; that spot is now the parking lot for City hall.

Remember This? Movies at Third and Maple

From the Timmins Museum: ************************* The Broadway Theatre, corner of Third Avenue and Maple Street, 1942.

Remember This? Mr. Dalton celebrates a milestone

From the Timmins Museum: ************************* A celebration of twenty-five years of business for the Dalton’s Company. Mr. Dalton is the large man at the right hand side of the photo wearing white and holding the horse.

Remember This? A vehicular voyage to the past

Above, a vehicular voyage back in time. Below, the caption, courtesy the Timmins Museum. ************************* Timmins Garage The fine staff (and cars) from Timmins Garage, located at Spruce and Algonquin.

Remember This? A hotel and a school

This week we bring you yet another view of a familiar intersection.

Remember This? A grand hotel

Check out that woodwork! The Connaught Hotel certainly was grand, but don't bother looking for it. It burned nearly a century ago. Oh well, at least the Timmins Museum still has photos like the one above.

Remember this? What came before Porcupine

If you want to get prickly about it, Porcupine used to be called Golden City, and this is what it looked like back in 1910. The following is from the Timmins Museum: ************************* View of Golden City (now Porcupine) in 1910.

Remember this? Shift change at the mine

This photo of the Hollinger Mine dates back to 1936. That’s less than three decades after a young barber named Benny Hollinger lifted up some moss and made history.

Remember This? A tour of the mine

From the Timmins Museum: ************************* Hollinger refinery foreman Ken Stubbs with a group tour at the mine in this undated photo.

Remember This? Mystery on Third Avenue

It's a drug store. That much we know. But which one? From the Timmins Museum: ************************* A drugstore from downtown Timmins – sometime between 1932-35.