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Who was coming and going 100 years ago?

Mr. J. Callun played the first round of golf of the season and stores were marking weekly half-holidays
Hollinger golf players2
Lucien Pare, George Ross, Russ Hall and Bill Rinn at the Timmins Golf Club. In the background you can see the tower of the Hollinger mine. Now called the Hollinger Golf Club, its marks its 100th anniversary this year.

This week, we were discussing what the community looked like 100 years ago — what were people doing in the spring? Was there snow? 

The Porcupine Advance newspaper published a section every week called Timmins and District Notes where they updated everyone on the comings and going of the community. Here are a few bits about the community this week 100 years ago. 

Many golfers are itching to play a round — this winter has been a long one! This week in 1922, saw the start of the golf season. Mr. J. Callun had the distinction in 1922 to play the first round of the season. Mr. and Mrs. J. Gray of Elm Street had a new baby boy, born April 27, 1922.  

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The summer’s weekly half-holidays began where all the stores and businesses closed at 1 pm. Stamped pillowcases and day slips were selling for $2 to $3 per pair at The Needle-craft Shop at 6 Marshall-Ecclestone Block. Mr. T.P. Bennett opened a Ladies’ Hairdressing Parlor at No. 1 Marshall-Ecclestone Block where a Madame Louise would be in change. Mr. Jack Hogan, a well-known barber, bought John Krankovitch’s place next to the McIntyre Recreation Hall at Schumacher and opened an up-to-date barbershop, poolroom and cigar store. 

Plans to widen the road to South Porcupine were announced as well. 

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