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What was back to school like in 1922?

The public school was proud to share its reputation for retaining teachers
School students entering school, date unknown.

Whether your child is away at school or at home in the classroom, the smell of textbooks and pencil shavings fill the air — the kids are back to school!

This week we look back on the start of the school year here in Timmins on Sept. 6, 1922. The opening of the school year saw a total of 1,258 pupils – 650 at the public school and over 600 across both separate schools. It was a busy return to school which showed a large growth for Timmins.  

At the separate school the registration was 480 for the central school on Spruce Street and 200 at the new seperate annex. Two new teachers were added to the staff making a total of eight teachers. 

The public school added four new teachers from across the province. The public school staff held a reputation based on the fact that not a single teacher had left Timmins in the previous three years to teach elsewhere – a fact they were quite proud to share.

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