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This Schumacher lake used to be a swimming hot spot

It would be buzzing with activity on half-holidays and on Sundays
Four women at Pearl Lake in an undated photo.

The north has many swimming holes to enjoy all summer long. Though we don’t swim there today, Pearl Lake in Schumacher was quite the hot spot in the early days. 

A very popular summer resort for the Porcupine Camp was Pearl Lake. The lake would be buzzing with activity on the half-holidays and on Sundays. The lake had many places to set up for the day as well as accommodations for ladies which was a big bungalow, that was used as a dressing room. 

Pearl Lake also had a hotel situated on its banks. It was described as “The House of Hospitality” with comfortable rooms and excellent service.  It contained a restaurant which also built a reputation for itself as one of the best places in town. It had a grand parlour and hosted many luxurious events. 

In the shadow of Shaft No. 11 of the McIntyre Mine, today on the lake, we can often see snowmobiles racing across during the winter months and anglers in the summer months. 

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