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There was a Christmas hockey treat at the Mac in 1943

Young hockey stars playing in Canada and the United States were in town
2021-12-20 hockey museum
Twelve players out on a frozen lake, date unknown.

With COVID, hockey is looking a little different this Christmas. Looking back at Christmas in 1943, a hockey treat was brought to the city.   

Over the Christmas holidays of 1943, several young hockey stars playing in Canada and the United States paid us a visit. Facing off was Schumacher and South Porcupine from the Mines Senior League. The Mines Hockey League was a men’s senior hockey league that began in the 1920s and was made up of teams belonging to mines across the region. By the 1930s it consisted of six teams; the Dome Porkies, the McIntyre Macmen (sometimes called the McIntyre Miners), the Pamour Dynamiters, the Coniaurum Flyers, the Ankerite Bisons, and the Hollinger Greenshirts.

South Porcupine was led by “Glamour Boy” Allan Stanley of Boston Olympics, Bill Curik of the O.H.A. Junior Galt, Frank Sicoli of Stratford, and their coach Carlo Cattarello. Schumacher also had a number of stars.

The game took place at the McIntyre Arena at 8:15 p.m. Boxing Day. 

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