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Skiing: bringing our community together on frigid winter days since 1925

This week's Remember This column from the Timmins Museum looks back at the history of skiing
A group of Finnish skiers gather for a group photo before their race, date and location unknown. Timmins Museum photo

As final preparations are made to open the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Center's new permanent exhibit, museum staff are taking a short break from preparing the Remember This column. So we're digging into the Remember This archives to bring you something previously viewed.

Here's one penned by Meagan Sinclair back in 2018:

When the snow drifts are high and the temperatures are low, it’s important to find ways to keep active outside.

I’m one of those crazy people who actually loves winter because for me, there is nothing more fun than hitting the cross-country ski trails on a bright, sunny day after a fresh snow fall.

I’m very thankful to the Finnish residents of our town who brought us this great sport. 

Mr. Claire Severt was an early promoter of cross-country skiing and had a hand in forming the first Porcupine Ski Club.

The first meeting was held on January 24, 1925 and a committee was elected, which included Mr. J. Jacobs who was voted chair of the “Amusements Committee”, certainly an integral part of any ski club.

About 100 people in attendance had indicated an interest in joining the club and membership dues ($3 for men and $2 for women) would help in procuring a hall for the club.

The vision for the club, set out in an article in the Porcupine Advance, was for the group to gather together to “take long healthy hikes on the skis”, followed by refreshments and a dance.

I wonder where they wandered off to on their skis in those early days.

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