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People frolicked and played at these sleigh ride parties of yore

In 1917, Goldfield's Hotel provided free sleigh rides to over 700 kids
2021-12-18 museum
Four people in cutter drawn by two horses; date unknown.

Listening to Christmas tunes, we look back on sleigh rides throughout the winter's past.

Located in a winter wonderland, our community is no stranger to a sleigh-ride party! In 1946, the Marcos Club held a sleigh-ride party. Starting at the United Church, many joined the fun while the ride left the church and went to the ski club and back. The evening was described as quite warm and snowy with food and dancing afterwards.

In 1917, Mr. H. Mulheron, manager of the Goldfield’s Hotel, provided free sleigh rides to over 700 children. The sleigh ride started at the Goldfields Hotel at 1:30 p.m. and every child from the public and separate schools was welcomed. There were 30 to 40 teams of horses needed for the entire afternoon, which Mr. Mulheron promised to obtain. 

The A.S.D. Club announced it was hosting a sleigh-ride party for the community in 1926 while the Canadian Young People’s Club also hosted a sleigh-ride party for its members in 1946. Meeting up at the Hollinger Hall, Canadian Young People’s Club members engaged in ping-pong, darts, and other games while waiting for their ride. Afterwards, food was served while music was provided by the Club Orchestra under the direction of Earl Simard and dancing also ensued. Members were asked to pay 10 cents to cover the cost of the sleigh ride.

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