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Hotel Connaught would have been quite a place to stay

Because of its location, it boasted some of the best views in town
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The City Hotel in Golden City in 1911.

Last week we reminisced about the variety of hotels that filled this mining camp. This week, we focus on a gem in the South Porcupine, The Hotel Connaught.  

The Hotel Connaught was one of the most up-to-date hotels of its kind in Canada. Because of its location, it boasted some of the best views in town. It was three storeys in height and was covered in iron. It was furnished with 75 rooms and included several bathrooms and closets on each floor. The entire hotel had electricity — a very modern convenience. 

Its dining room sat 80 guests and had a rotunda that was the talk of the town. It rivalled the King Edward, Queen’s, and Windsor Hotels of Toronto and Montreal. It was a perfect spot in the summer with nice views on its large balconies. Trees were cut down all around the hotel in hopes of avoiding destruction in a fire. 

The kitchen was very modern and furnished with the most modernized equipment in the market. It became a popular spot for those looking to enjoy some recreational activities outdoors and many enjoyed the nearby fishing sports where they caught brook trout averaging four to seven pounds in weight.

This would have been quite a place to stay! 

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