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Here's how the Porcupine used to party

In this edition of Remember This, the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Center looks back on Halloween festivities of the past
A large group of people (many in costumes) in a decorated hall, with balloons and streamers hanging from the ceiling. Date and location unknown. Timmins Museum photo

From the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Center:

While we don’t know much about this photo\, it brought up much discussion about parties past. This year will look a lot of different, so why not look back?

One party that popped out in our memory was from October 1925. This was hosted by the Caledonian Society of Timmins for the Scottish folk as well as their families. It was to be a real “braw, Scots’ nicht!”

After a meeting the week prior, the President of the club, Mr. W. D. Watt, and other members, planned the soiree. It was to be a regular Scottish Halloween and all Scottish folk, and especially the lads and lassies, would be very welcome.

The event was held was at 8 p.m. at the Hollinger Recreation Hall. It was a masquerade affair for children and adults. They had songs, recitations, dances, games and a general good time. They went “Deunkin’ for aiples,” as well as enjoyed treats like “Chaumpit Tawties,” and “treacle tarts.” They also played musical chairs and “The Grand Old Duke of York.” Some members performed musically and others recited famous poems and short stories in costume.

Practically every performance on the program was encored and appreciated.

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