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Fishing the North

Let's yak about kayaks

The sport of kayaking is growing each year and where I live in Timmins there is no shortage of lakes, rivers and streams. Each year, the City of Timmins hosts the Great Kayak Challenge.

The fun of fishing. Even when it's 40 below

What do you do on a Monday when it's Family Day and it's -35 with a wind chill of -42.

More than a passion, a way of life

Many anglers enjoy the solitude of being on he water. Weather you fish for the fun of it with friends, family or your a tournament angler, nothing compares to spending a day on the water reeling in a fish surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Attention anglers - your chance to be featured

Over the years I have had the opportunity to talk with some top notch Pro Anglers. One thing they all agreed on was the importance of building a strong relationship with the media. The reason for this was quite simple.

Interview with Cory Nephin

From time to time I get asked what the Northern Ontario Walleye Trail (NOWT) is, how it started, what got me fishing it and why should they fish it. To answer some of these questions I reached out to NOWT Board director and President Mr. Cory Nephin.

2014 recap

With 2014 coming to an end I can't help but to reflect back on the year. It was an amazing and learning experience for this angler and writer.

A look back at a solid year on the trail

The NOWT (Northern Ontario Walleye Trail) circuit is run by anglers for anglers and is designed to help anglers promote themselves as well as the sport of tournament angling in Northern Ontario.

A how-to for female anglers

Over the years of tournament fishing, I have seen many trends arrive. One of these trends have been more women participating in tournaments each year.

A young angler to watch

One of the things I enjoy about fishing is meeting new anglers. This spring I had the opportunity of being added to the Wannabe Fisherman Pro Staff Team along with Taylor Klimczak, a young angler. Taylor started fishing at the age of 5.

Ice safety, it's your life

With winter coming and the first ice starting to appear, I thought I would write a little reminder to use extreme caution when venturing out on new ice.