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This guy caught the same big fish twice in one week

Multi-species angler Paul Kerash is featured in this edition of Fishing in the North
2019-10-03 Paul Kerash
Paul Kerash. Photo provided

In this week's profile, I thought I would feature a multi-species angler that I met through a mutual friend, Taylor Klimzack.

Since meeting him, I have had the chance to share a boat with him chasing monster walleye. During these outings, I heard about some trips he had taken pursuing different fish species.

While many anglers enjoy the thrill of competing against others in tournaments, some enjoy the thrill of chasing a variety of fish species such as this week's featured angler.

It is my pleasure to introduce Paul Kerash.

Q: Where were you born?

A: I was born in Timmins, Ont., Canada.

Q: Who played a role in getting you started in fishing?

A: My father played the biggest role in getting me fishing as a very young child, taking me out in his 21' Cadorette.

Q: As a youth, where did you fish and for what?

A: When I was a child, I always fished Horwood Lake with my father and mother.

Q: What age did you start fishing?

A: The first time I went fishing with my parents was when I was three months old in a car seat. Ever since then I have been out on the lake every weekend!

Q: What was your most memorial fishing experience and why?

A: My most memorable fishing experience was fishing in Alberta for cutthroat and bull trout, they are very aggressive and fight like a salmon.

Q: List any anglers that helped you learn more about fishing over the years.  

A: A few of the anglers that have helped me out over the years are Taylor Klimzack, John Guiliani, Craig Salmonson, Rock Bouchard and Dave Reid – very knowledgeable guys with many tournaments under their belts.

Q: As an angler that fishes for a variety of species, what would you say is your favourite fish to fish for and why?

A: As a multi-species angler, steelhead and rainbow trout are my favourite because of the challenge and their beauty. They are very hard to catch unless you know what they eat at the time of year. Also, the fight is unlike any other – they jump and the head shakes are unreal – think you can net them and nope, they take off again.

Q: What was the furthest you went fishing for a certain species and what was it?

A: Last summer I got the opportunity to go fish in the northwest territories for giant lakers and grayling.

Q: Biggest fishing supports over the years? (example: wife, family, friends)

A: My biggest supporters over the years have been my mother, father – my girlfriend Kate has to be the biggest one!

Qw How did you get into walleye fishing?

A: I got into walleye fishing because my parents took me out every weekend to go fish on Horwood Lake. Still fish there to this day.

Q: What is your favourite technique to fish for walleye and why?

A: I love to troll cranks. Cranks get you some really big fish and also can catch the good undersize fish.

Q: How did you get into fly fishing?

A: I got into fly fishing when I went out west to visit my friend in Alberta. Caught two cutthroat trout first time out!! He showed us the basics and since then it's been an addiction.

Q: What are some of your favourites to fly fish for and why?

A: Steelhead and bass are my favourite species to fly fish for – steelhead are insane fighters, jumpers, and ruthless head shakes.

Q: What is the biggest fish you caught fly fishing?

A: My biggest fish that I have caught on a fly was a 35-pound lake trout! When I was up in Northwest Territories, I caught him two times one week apart on the same fly. Both on big fish Friday!

Q: Is guiding something you are considering doing one day?

A: Guiding is something I would enjoy doing and getting clients on big fish.

Q: Why did you agree to have your bio done?

A: I agreed to get my bio done so that other anglers can learn and hear about how I got into fishing.

Q: Any tips you would give to a new angler looking at getting fishing?

A: Some tips I would give is don't go cheap on gear and tackle – you will regret it on the bigger fish.

I would like to thank Paul for sharing his passion with us in this week's angler profile.

If you're an angler and would like to be featured in this column, please, feel free to contact me at for more information.