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Seeing boats on Kenogamissi Lake got this angler started

In this edition of Fishing in the North, David Reid talks with Dan Secord
2019-09-20 Fishing - Dan Secord

This week’s angler hit the tournament scene running. His passion for the sport of walleye fishing has helped him compete against some of best walleye anglers fishing the Northern Ontario Walleye Trail.

Although he has a laid back personality, that all disappears at the start of each tournament.

It is my pleasure to introduce this week’s angler, Dan Secord.

Q: Where were you born?

A: In Timmins

Q: Who played a role in getting you started in fishing?

A: My father was a backcountry fisherman and my aunt Pauline, my dad’s sister that loved to bring her rod every were she went.

Q: As a youth, where did you fish and for what?

A: As a young angler, we had a trailer out on Red Pine Lodge were we fished Ivanhoe Lake as well as a lot of backcountry lakes in the area.

Q: What age did you start fishing?

A: I would say I was five years old.

Q: How did you get into walleye tournament fishing and why?

A: Reason why I started fishing tournaments was that I had a cottage out on Kenogamissi Lake and I saw the boats out on the lake and it got me thinking, so I said to myself, “Lets do it!”

Q: What was your most memorial fishing experience and why?

A: My late afternoon fishing trip down Sandy Falls Road we fished not to far from the dam. Thirty-five minutes into the fishing scene, I missed a fish three times – he stole my bait every time. The fourth time, I said, “If you bite again, I'm going to let you swallow it.” And sure enough, he did. I let him take it then set the hook. I said to my partner, “Wow, this is a big fish.” He put up a 10-minute fight. It was a 36.5-inch, 15.87-pound walleye.

Q: List sponsors and tournament finishes.

A: Two first-place finishes in Kiwanis cash campground. Second place Kiwanis cash campground. 30th place at the Bay of Quinte Walleye Masters. 11th place Mattagami. 8th place Mattagami. First place Aya with my two Indigenous girls – awesome fisher girls. First place Waswanipi.

Q: Biggest fishing supports over the years? (Example: wife, family, friends)

A: My biggest supporters would be my parents and friends.

Q: What are some of your favourite fish you like to fish for and why?

A: My favourite fish would be walleye. I find that walleye are always on the move, and changing the way they feed and what they feed on.

Q: What is your favourite fishing technique(s) for walleyes?

A: Bottom bouncing.

Q: Why do you fish walleye tournaments?

A: Love competition and the crowd that shares the same passion.

Q: Why did you agree to have your bio done?

A: To share my story and inspire others to join the walleye fever!

Q: Any tips you would give to a new walleye angler looking at fishing the NOWT?

A: Gear up with good electronics.

Q: What would be some of your greatest accomplishments over the years of fishing? (Could be anything relating to fishing)

A: For me, it was winning my first tournament as well my last tournament first place Waswanipi taking home $50,000.

I would like to thank Dan for taking the time out of his busy schedule to part take in the angler profiles.