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Fishing in the north: Preview of new fishing show

Fish ON! premiers on Eastlink today

If you haven't watched any programs on Eastlink TV (channel 10 or 610 for HD) you may want to schedule Sunday Oct. 15 at 3 p.m. 

It is my Pleasure to announce, this fall Eastlink TV will be presenting eight episodes that will show some of the best fishing in the Timmins Area featuring local anglers and Host of Fish ON! Paul Ethier. 

These local fishermen rose to the challenge to see who could catch the biggest fish on Northern Ontario lakes. 

In a news release Eastlink TV’S Producer for Fish ON!, Neil White said, "We are so excited to have this new show that highlights the best of fishing in Northern Ontario.” 

“With local fishermen on local lakes, anyone who fishes for walleye is sure to learn something new about the sport. And the competitive fishing on the show means there’s never a dull moment.” 

In a statement from the Host of Fish ON! Paul, breaks down how the show came about for him, what was involved in making these shows, the format of the show and what the viewers can expect to see in these shows.

'Fish ON!' was inspired by a social conversation I had with Eastlink Senior Director, Roland Magnan. Roland shared that Eastlink is very community minded and provides many opportunities for local programming through Eastlink TV. 

Knowing my passion for fishing, he strongly encouraged me to submit a program proposal for a fishing show through their Community Programming.

I expressed my interest, and immediately on Monday morning was put in contact with Producer Neil White to commence the proposal. 

The proposal process took over a year to finalize before we started filming.

There is a significant amount of planning involved to make a television show happen and even more so when the production involves many participants, multiple cameras and is filmed in the field.

I must say that the Northern Ontario Eastlink TV crew is a pleasure to work with; our episodes were filmed based on crew availability and not necessarily based on favourable weather, and this was challenging. 

Viewers will see how we had to shoot some episodes in very unfavourable weather conditions but I think we accomplished filming a great season of realistic competitive local fishing.

The format for 'Fish ON!' is  competitive in nature and promises for entertaining television. Every episode is a challenge on a local Northern waterway, fishing for walleye or bass.

The Northern Ontario Walleye Trail (NOWT) tournament rules were followed, meaning  six fish are weighed-in (or 5 for bass) and the best overall combined weight wins.

This program would not have been possible without our local anglers committing to the endeavour. They met timelines and dealt with some very short notice to gather their equipment, pre-fish the lake and compete with the cameras rolling. 

Our participants will show viewers some tips and tricks as well as share some great fishing spots that will hopefully help enthusiasts catch more fish.

We did discover that filming a television show is not as easy as it may appear; we continued to improve with every episode we shot!

I need to say a big thank you to our official 'Fish ON!' sponsor, Albert’s Sports and Workwear. Owner Chantal Cauchon was a huge supporter and did not hesitate to contribute to this opportunity. 

Albert’s supported our efforts by incurring all expenses for the eight episodes, as well as providing great prizes and attractive trophies to our winners.

Lastly, I want to thank my family and friends for the encouragement and support. Fishing is my passion, and to have the opportunity to create this program has been incredible; it meant more hours on the water and more time away from home, but I am confident that it was worth it, and hope Eastlink viewers agree.

Episode Overview:  

  • Episode 1: Husbands vs Wives on Kenogamissi: Paul Ethier and Sebastian Lizette vs Sarah Robinson and Crystel
  • Episode 2: Shore Fishing on Abitibi at Dunrite Outfitters: Paul Ethier and Mark Froud vs Graham Campbell and Bill Froud 
  • Episode 3: Horwood Lake: Paul Ethier and Paul Kerash vs Rock Bouchard and Taylor Klimczak 
  • Episode 4: Ivanhoe Lake: Paul Ethier and Craig Salmonson vs Taylor Klimczak and Paul Kerash 
  • Episode 5: Bass Fishing on Star Lake: Paul Ethier and Jeff Shippam vs Craig Salmonson and David Reid 
  • Episode 6: Featuring Sponsors from Alberts Work and Sportswear at Sandy Falls on the Mattagami River: Paul Ethier and Roger Cauchon vs Chantal Cauchon and Ken Perreault 
  • Episode 7 and 8: to be announced.

If you happen to miss an episode you'll  be able to catch it throughout each week by checking local listings for the days and time that "FISH ON" will air again.

I attend a private showing for all who participated in the shows this pass Thursday. Here everyone had a chance to watch the first show that will be aired this Sunday.

All I can say is you won't want to miss these show as Neil White hit the nail on the head when he stated above, "anyone who fishes for walleye is sure to learn something new about the sport and  there’s never a dull moment.”  

Whether you're an angler or hunter; a camp, lodge, resort owner; or just holding an outdoor event and would like some exposure, please feel free to email us at