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Fishing in the North: Annual tournament gets livelier

This spring the Mattagami First Nation Walleye Tournament is stepping up its game
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Each year, Mattagami First Nation's Spring Walleye Tournament continues to grow to ensure a successful Walleye Tournament that provides competitive fishing opportunities to our anglers, sponsors, volunteers and to their host community of Mattagami First Nation.

Mattagami First Nation is committed to the competitive and recreational spirit of fishing through the sport of tournament angling on the waters of Mattagami Lake.

This season will see a lot of changes. Along with the change of their logo, as many have already seen, and they have revamped with new posters. 

But the biggest news this season is that the tournament will be broadcasting live thanks to Krazy Krazy.

The Mattagami First Nation Walleye Tournament will be live and contestants of that tournament as well as the Northern Ontario Walleye Trail competitors will be giving interviews at the complex and when prizes are being awarded.

Videos and updates will also be posted throughout the weekend so anglers and families at home will be able to follow along.

The idea of doing a live broadcast came up one day after lots of debriefing on how to improve the Mattagami First Nation Walleye Tournament. 

Crystel Vallee, one of the Mattagami First Nation Walleye Tournament board committee members, will oversee the project but the live broadcast team is composed strictly of youths. 

After watching YouTube videos of 15-year old Brett Robinson of Bush Kid TV the committee knew that Brett had the qualifications to do the interviews. 

Brett accepted the position and will be the Mattagami First Nation Walleye Tournament front man for the interviews.

With passion for and knowledge of technology, Caleb Robinson-Ethier, 14, has also agreed to join the team. Caleb will be in charge of getting the footage at the derby.

Sarah Gasparetto, 15, will also be joining the team and brings with her a wealth of experience in blogging and photography. She will be in charge of the pictures at the tournament.

The live broadcasts were made possible with the help of locally owned and operated Krazy Krazy store in Timmins owned and operated by Craig Salmonson.

In a statement from Craig, Krazy Krazy is very excited once again this year to be involved with the Mattagami First Nations walleye tournament. 

Krazy Krazy has been a supporter since the initial days and have provided over the years financial support either through donating prizes or by sponsoring one of the top ten cash prizes that have been awarded.

"This year we are donating some audio visual equipment that will help the tournament take the next step in embracing technology that will help them do web broadcast interviews with the Northern Ontario Walleye Tournament competitors at the complex and the prize presentations," said Salmonson.

"This is a huge step forward and brings a new level of exposure to both the tournament and the anglers who support them and extra exposure for the sponsors involved," he added. "Krazy Krazy looks forward to this partnership growing in the future and cannot wait until we have live coverage on the lake."

"I applaud Crystal and Jessica and Dominique for bringing this tournament up another level."

With the first place prize of $10,000.00 dollars, payouts to the top 25 placing and now live broadcasting from the tournament it's going to be another great tournament held by Mattagami First Nation Walleye Tournament to help kick off the first Northern Ontario Walleye Trail event for the 2016 season.

Stay tuned for my next article where we'll learn more about the Mattagami First Nation Walleye Tournament teen broadcast team.

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