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Fishing In The North: An obsession with lures

When it comes to collecting fishing items, you have my attention

Many of us have hobbies or like to collect certain things.

When it comes to collecting fishing items, you have my attention.

This is what happened to me when I received a friend request on Facebook from a fellow named Jeremy Woods.

Since you can never be too careful on social media, his profile picture did catch my eye and interest.

As I viewed his Facebook page, my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to send him a message about all the old lures that he had posted on his page.

It didn't take long before Jeremy and I started chatting.

I soon learned that he began collecting early ABU Ambassadeur and Record Ambassadeur fishing reels in 2003 while he was in second year of college.

Jeremy grew up using ABU reels and Mitchell Garcia reels as he fished with his dad.

Back to 2002, Jeremy began looking for a replacement reel for his father.

He searched high and low with no luck.

Then one day as he was driving home from work, Jeremy saw a small garage sale and decided to stop and inquire if they had any
ABU Ambassadeur reels.

The woman running the garage sale turned to her husband and said: "Jim, I think he caught you.” 

Jim then proceeded to walk inside and returned shortly thereafter with a box of about 15 various model Ambassadeur reels.

Low and behold, Jim had the exact reel and it was in new condition.

Jeremy said that on that day, he learned Ambassadeur is spelled a little differently than what he thought.

That Christmas in 2003, Jeremy give his father the replacement reel as a gift.

Jeremy said that was what started his passion for everything ABU.

Although Jeremy sold the reels back then after enjoying them for a few months in order to pay for college, he does currently have a small collection of them, including a Record Ambassadeur 5000 and an early 5000C Deluxe in its original wood presentation box.

Jeremy said he began getting a little more daring in 2006.

He began researching lure making companies of old.

Jeremy quickly passed on the smaller companies as the paint often appeared to be of inferior quality when compared to what he considered to be the two giants - Heddon and Creek Chub Bait Co.

Soon Jeremy found himself attending fishing lure shows sanctioned by the N.F.L.C.C. National Fishing Lure Collectors Club 

The first time he saw a collection of older lures, particularly the Creek Chub Tiny Tim's and the Heddon Crazy Crawlers,it was while at a show in Pigeon Forge TN.

He was hooked.

While at the show, he met Harold Smith M.D.

Harold was the author of a book on the Creek Chub Bait Co. and, as luck would have it, had brought copies of his first and second edition books to the show.

Jeremey recalls telling Harold: "I would like to purchase your books.”

“Which one,” Harold asked, to which Jeremy replied, "Both!"

That might have taken him by surprise, Jeremy said, as Harold signed both books for him.

After a few of years and due to frequent readings, Jeremy had to purchase new copies of the book.

Today, Jeremy currently has two, second editions and one, first edition of The Creek Chub Encyclopedia.

It is a quality book with history and great photos that tells almost all a beginner or an expert might need to know about the Creek Chub Bait Company.

Jeremy says he'll be adding a copy of the first edition to his website soon.

The Creek Chub Encyclopedia is no longer in print, but can be found used on occasion.

Today he currently specializes in Creek Chub Bait Company items.

However, he has also learned a great deal about many other companies over the past 10-plus years.

Jeremy has several collections, including his Creek Chub Beetles in both the 3800 and 6000 models.

He also has a Wilcox Wiggler in his collection, which is considered to be the first articulating wood minnow made and patented in 1907, Jeremy believes.

It has been known to bring upwards of $3,500 at auction, likely more when sold privately.

It has glass eyes and a jointed body with spinner in the front and back along with a mottled green sort of paint job.

Jeremy had a website in 2004 where he sold lures.

It wasn't until two years ago that he began selling and buying at NFLCC shows.

He also looks for old lures and reels by advertising locally, and attending flea markets and swap meets.

It wasn't until about 18 months ago that Jeremy began setting up at NFLCC shows.

When he first started these shows, he only needed one 8-foot table.

As time went on, Jeremy found himself adding one more table at each show.

Today Jeremy says he could use five tables, however he keeps it to four tables.

While attending these shows, Jeremy usually tries to leave behind anything from his personal collection to avoid the temptation to sell something he really enjoys.

He recently went to a. NFLCC show in Milwaukee.

He brought an empty suitcase with him with the intention of filling it with lures and reels he planned on purchasing over his three-day stay.

If anyone has any questions on old lures, they can contact Jeremy by phone at (513) 252-8127 or by email at 

He can also be contacted through his website.

Jeremy would also like readers to know that he has multiple contacts who have expertise in a variety areas.

If he doesn't have an answer for you, he would be happy to forward your questions to someone who can help you.

Jeremy is interested in buying early fishing lures and tackle, and offers free appraisals.

He'll buy single lures or entire collections.

If you're looking for a special gift, Jeremy will be making cases of lures to sell that can be displayed as office décor, or in lodges and homes.

Last year, Jeremy said his father give him back the reel he had given him for Christmas, along with all of his fishing lures, reels, and other tackle. 

His father said that he will never use it and wanted him to have it.

Guess those ones will be displayed in Jeremy's house for the years to come.

Stay tuned for a follow article on the series I have been writing on the Decline of the Moose.

As soon as I receive the information I've been waiting on from the Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources and Forestry, I'll have the article up.

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