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Adopt Me: Uchre the friendly husky (adopted)

He's had a little exposure to cats but no exposure to kids yet

TimminsToday, in partnership with the Timmins and District Humane Society and the Northern Ontario Animal Welfare Society, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


(Northern Ontario Animal Welfare Society)

Meet Uchre, a friendly husky in NOAWS care that is about two years old. He is doing very well in his foster home, he’s back to his bouncy happy self post-neuter.

He’s really warming up to the two dogs in his foster home now and they let him cuddle with them. He does pretty good on and off leash. Responds very well to whistling. He’s very affectionate and gentle, even say he is sensitive.

Strange sounds make him woof and jump a bit (including thunder) and when he yawns he talks like most huskies do. No bathroom accidents in the house. Sleeps through the night. Uncrated at night, crated when no one is home.

Knows to go inside his crate for meal time. Creamy-white fur with grey trim and black tipped tail. He is shedding a lot right now but that may change with time. He likes being brushed out. Loves water and truck rides. He’s a great dog.

A little exposure to cats, curious but was just more of a hello I see you kind of meet and greet. He’s not fostered in a home with cats but will be soon. No exposure to kids at this time. To adopt Uchre or for more info, visit our website or inquiry at

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