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Adopt Me: Xena needs an active and loving home (adopted)

She is good with dogs and cats, but not so much with kids
Xena Timmins Adopt Me

TimminsToday, in partnership with the Timmins and District Humane Society and the Northern Ontario Animal Welfare Society, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


(Northern Ontario Animal Welfare Society)

Fun, loving, very energetic German Shepherd lady with beautiful hazel eyes and sable colored coat is seeking a human companion, for life.

”Hello, my name is Xena, warrior princess of the Amazon. Yes, it's true. Look it up on Google. And it's not the Amazon, the shopping site!

I'm the real deal and I'm looking for a commitment. I've been married many times before and was left high and dry so if you're just here to play around keep swiping. Ok. I have lots of baggage. I like to take things slow.

I'm a foodie. Particularly food left on the counter. Love to travel. Generally to the neighbor's yard to leave personalized, special gifts. I have basic obedience training. Enjoy licking humans while they go to the bathroom, and back-talk when asked to clean my room.

I like dogs. Cats too. Kids. Bleh. Not the very young ones. They stress me out. Just being honest. I'm not down to earth at all! My shrink diagnosed me with anxiety and I can really lose it at times. I lack confidence, I'm a bit needy and I don't like to be left alone. I know...not too sexy for a GS dog.

I'm looking for a committed human with lots of experience with divorcees. No one night stand and please don't send me an e-mail if you don't like to exercise. I'm a very active girl who loves to hike, enjoy long romantic nature walks and make fun of people. I'm not into binging on Netflix. I like to do stuff. Did I mention how honest I am? Well, I am. I'm also a great catch. Come catch me."

From Xena’s foster home:

Xena is a beautiful, sweet, smart girl. She needs a firm, calm and patient handler who will not get discouraged if the training is not progressing or she has regressed. She needs a lot of exercise - minimum one hour run not walk!! She loves to work, especially train in obedience and in tracking.

She is very jealous when you're interacting with other pets and needs to be reprimanded if she gets too belligerent and pushy, but will not attack. Xena suffers from anxiety and separation anxiety, therefore a clear and concise "departure" and "arrival" practice must be implemented at all times. She is very vocal and will get worked up if she is allowed to be too outspoken. The handler needs to consistently "regulate her" and "keep her in check."

She loves to play especially with balls, loves cats, gets along well with other dogs, good with older children and is a perfect passenger in a vehicle. She loves to cuddle, kiss and of course, enjoys belly rubs. It is vital to improve her confidence by keeping up with daily training and encouraging new learning. 

The perfect human for Xena would be someone who is not too busy with work, not stressed out, not away from home too much, very patient and loves to train.  With a bit of refinement and self-confidence, she would be good "show" obedience or tracking dog.

I'm willing to help train the new adopter with the transition. To adopt Xena, please apply at or inquiry at for more info. 

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