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Adopt Me: Freddy's got swagger (adopted)

He's good with children and is looking for someone to snuggle with

The name is Freddy, and I’m a soulful pup. I like to look at you with my puppy eyes until you give me what I want which is usually lap snuggles. I will gently nudge you in the arm with my nose when I want to snuggle in your lap. 

I also like to spread out on the carpet, or at your feet by the couch, or in the kitchen while you are cooking. Mommy says I sleep funny on my belly with my legs straight out, and that it’s super cute. 

I’ve heard of this thing called Netflix, if you'd like to snuggle and watch that then I’m your guy! I also like to play with the children in the house, they are gentle with me, and I enjoy their company. 

I like the cats too, although they don’t like me. My foster mommy says it’s just because they are old and ornery and not to be offended, but I must admit my feelings were a bit hurt. 

I’m in a home with another doggie and I can be a little jealous cause I like all the attention but I’m getting better with him. 

Mommy says I am super gentle, I do take my treats like a gentleman, and I let the kids walk me on a leash and I don’t pull.  I occasionally barked at the cats, usually when they swatted at me, so you can’t really hold it against me.

I don’t bark when people come to the door or I see them outside though, mommy says that is good manners to have, though I do bark at the vacuum a little, it’s so loud and scary, mommy says I’ll get used to it. 

I sleep in my crate at night. I whine a little at first, I can’t help it since I would rather snuggle with you. 

Still I’m a good boy in my crate until morning, and when mom goes out, I don’t ever bark. I go to the vet this week and they should be able to figure out how old I am, I weigh approximately 15-20lbs. I am looking for my forever human to watch Netflix with, is that you?