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Twisted harnesses tied up a fire response in 1923

The team had made a record get away from the hall but ended up getting delayed on the way
Three unidentified men, one wearing uniform, posing on horse-drawn fire engine for Timmins Fire Department.

In this edition of Remember This, the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre looks back on a fire in Mattagami district.  

Horses were common in the early days of The Porcupine. They not only helped with transportation and farming but they were also a part of the fire department. 

In June 1923, there was excitement when the fire bell rang just after 9 a.m. in June 19, 1923.  The alarm from Box 51 was initiated and within minutes people filled the streets to see the action.  

The fire team that day made a record get away from the hall but was delayed when the horse’s harness was twisted, causing them to stop at Cedar Street to fix the problem. The new team raced down to the Mattagami and made up some time.

The was fire was at 17 Main Street, Mattagami, and had no headway before the brigade got it. Those who were at the site first were helping by dumping water. Once the brigade arrived they used their chemical tank to help fight the flames. The fire was caused by a lamp igniting a towel hanging on the wall. 

There was no serious damage but many were excited to see the new team at work.

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