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Radio from 1937 an impressive part of museum's exhibit

Find out how much someone would have paid at the time, and what that looks like in today's dollars
Mrs. Cooke standing on the steps of her Hollinger House. Her husband, Bob Cooke, won third prize in Class B at the Hollinger townsite garden competition

When visiting the Timmins Museum: NEC's heritage property on site, one is always surprised by the artifacts found within starting with an impressive Highboy 71-AC radio manufactured in Montreal, by the Marconi Company in 1936 (the same year the Hollinger houses were getting a major facelift, adding a second storey to the previously flat roofs). 

Visitors are stunned to know that this piece, at the time it was new, retailed for $239.50. Adjust for inflation and you get a whopping price tag of $4,346.60. What is worth noting is that this gorgeous piece was donated by Mr. Denis Reid of Timmins. 

Considering this would’ve been the equivalent of our big screen television or entertainment centre, an important purchase like this would have been very thoughtfully considered. Curious to see this fabulous object up close? Come visit us at the museum on 2nd Avenue, we’ll be glad to show you around this iconic Hollinger house. 

The Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre regularly provides TimminsToday readers with a glimpse of the city’s past.

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