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Development Miners/Leaders

Company: Manroc Developments Inc.
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The Development Miner/Leader is expected to provide a range of Underground Development Services. The selected candidate(s) will report to the designated supervisor and will be required to complete daily safety and work line ups in an efficient manner.


  • Demonstrate good attendance and performance records with the ability to maintain these same standards
  • Jumbo drilling and face prepping (Jumbo experience mandatory for Leaders)
  • Mechanized rock bolter experience
  • Scissor life experience
  • Installation of services in development headings
  • Ontario Underground Hard Rock Common Core; module U0018

Schedule: 14 days in, 14 days out; 10 hours shifts


  • Leaders: $24/hr + $55 bonus
  • Miners: $23/hr + $55 bonus

Harte Gold Mine

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