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Voter turnout drops in Timmins election

Only 42.23% of eligible voters cast a ballot
Mayor-elect Michelle Boileau celebrates with supporters after the polls confirmed she secured the seat.

The number of people voting in the Timmins election is down from the 2018 campaign. 

The official numbers for the 2022 Timmins election are out, with 42.23 per cent of eligible voters (12,140 people) turning up at the polls. That's a drop from 2018, when there was a 53.49 per cent turnout (16,179 people).

The new members of council will be sworn in on Nov. 15. 

Broken down by ward, Ward 3 had the highest voter turnout at 52.78 per cent, meaning 730 of the 1,383 voters on the list participated. In 2018, Ward 2 had the highest voter turnout out when 59.33 per cent of the eligible people voted. 

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In other wards: 979 of the 2,158 eligible voters in Ward 2 (South Porcupine) voted for a 45.37 per cent turnout; 1,357 of the 3,279 voters in Ward 4 (Porcupine) cast a ballot for a 41.38 per cent voter turnout, and 6,650 of the 16,292 eligible people in Ward 5 voted for a 40.82 per cent turnout. There is no data for Ward 1 because that councillor seat was acclaimed by Rock Whissell.

The list of people elected are:

  • Mayor – Michelle Boileau, 7,403 votes
  • Ward 1 (Mountjoy) – Rock Whissell, acclaimed
  • Ward 2 (South Porcupine) – Lorne Feldman, 449 votes
  • Ward 3 (Schumacher) – Bill Gvozdanovic, 372 votes
  • Ward 4 (Porcupine) – John Curley, 645 votes
  • Ward 5 (Timmins) – Kristin Murray, 3,965 votes; Steve Black, 3,801 votes; Andrew Marks, 2,800 votes; Cory Robin, 2,370 votes
  • English public school board trustee - Stephen Meunier, 3,781 votes; Crystal Hewey, 3,428 votes; Bob Brush, 3,206 votes
  • French public school board trustee - Liliane Francis, acclaimed; Nicole Arcand, acclaimed
  • English Catholic school board trustee - Glenn Sheculski, 938 votes; Colleen Landers, 916 votes; Fred Salvador, 822 votes; Paula Del Guidice, 814 votes
  • French Catholic school board - Michelle Mailloux, 2,291 votes; Denis Belanger, 1,952 votes; Norm Bolduc, 1,713 votes

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